How Much Does Solar Power Cost? How Much Can You Save?

The world needs a new source of energy. The current main energy source is fossil fuel, which is not only expensive, but also hazardous and will eventually run out. With all these disadvantages, people are now becoming more conscious of the advantages of using other sources of energy, such as solar power. But how much does solar power cost?

Using the sun's radiant energy has some great advantages. Such as:

- It is free. As long as the sun rises, you can tap into its energy.
- It has an unlimited supply. Unless you plan to still be here in a few billion years, the sun will always be there.
- It does not make pollution.
- It will help you save money.

Solar panels today are very proficient. There are several types of panels out in the market. But the question is how much does solar power cost? The answer to that question can be difficult to answer. That's because various types of panels can be determined by the efficiency and price. The balance between these two factors may give you the answer to the question.

There are two basic types of solar panels - One is crystalline silicon and the other is amorphous silicon. Amorphous silicon is much cheaper to produce, but is less efficient in producing electricity. Crystalline silicon, on the other hand, is more efficient in converting the sun's energy to electricity but is much more expensive. To be able to find the right panel for you, here are a few of the solar panels that you can purchase on the market:

- Sunsei SE-4000 - This solar panel is a crystalline silicon type that has a maximum power output of 65 watts and is priced at around $650.
- Kyocera KS20 - this is another crystalline silicon type that has a maximum power output of 20 watts. Its price is about $300.
- Silicon Solar - This is an amorphous silicon type that has a maximum power output of 40 watts. It is priced at around $250.
- Sanyo HIP-195BA3 - This is a combination of crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. It costs about $1000.
- Then there is the do-it-yourself model. These can usually be made for less than a hundred bucks. They probably won't be as proficient as the professional models and will take a little bit of your time to build it, but they can save you a lot on your initial investment.

To learn more about do it yourself solar power, be sure to read our Energy4Green review.

So how much does solar power cost? By looking at all these figures, the cost of these panels would be at $5 per watt, $10 per watt or $15 per watt. But remember that the numbers shown are the maximum output. The output will vary based on the intensity of the sun where you live.

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