DIY Solar Energy

Everyone knows the many benefits of Green Energy. It is a eco friendly technology, with will reliably generate power with nothing but the sun. The disadvantage is the initial upfront cost of the solar panels Everyone also knows that solar panels can be very expensive and they require a lot of know how for the installation. We would all like to love and take better care of this wonderful planet, while at the same time being friendly to our pocketbook.

I mean, what could be better? It helps not only the planet but also yourself right. I don't know of many people that have twenty-seven thousand dollars in their dresser drawer in invest in this great ideal.Well, the solution is readily available: construct your own solar panels, and create your own Green Energy. Did you know that for less than a couple hundred dollars you can design your own solar panels? Sounds great, and it is great. That exactly right, with just a modicum of effort you too can create enough free solar energy, to generate electricity for the entire home, and maybe just a tiny bit extra -- selling it back to the power company sounds like an awesome idea!

But this sounds very difficult; it will likely take a degree of some sort just the put this Green Energy thing together. The simple truth of the matter is that is doesn't require anything more than you already have. A teenager, still in high school can construct their own solar panels out of things that are quickly found at the department or hardware store, and instead of writing a monthly check Electric Utilities Are Us will write you a check.

I know of a simple step-by-step method that will walk the least mechanically inclined person through the process of building your own solar panel and creating their own Green Energy. It's simple, it's cheap, and Green Energy is as free as a sunny day.

Solar Energy

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