Types Of Constructions Used To Produce Solar Power

In this article we will discuss some themes related to different types of constructions used to produce solar power. We will begin from the grid-tied systems.

A utility-interactive solar power system makes electricity, which is put directly to the grid. The word grid-tied means, that the system is tied, verbatim, to the grid. This system will accumulate the energy even when you are absent, when you and you are on vacation with your friends during the holidays. You just may use the energy after you come back home. That is why you will reduce your electricity bills` costs or even forget about them.

Known as solar modules (photovoltaic) panels, they give the beginning for very interesting process of transforming of solar energy into solar power. The word photovoltaic sounds in such a way because of physics rule, which says how the solar energy may be converted into electricity. Briefly, there are many silicon cells in each such panel, every cell gives the reaction with photons (units of lights), which came from the sun. Than direct current electricity is produced.

The construction of the panel also contains so-called mounting racks, which are used to orient PV panels properly. For instance, the panel may face the west, while the most effective side is north. There are three types of mounts, which are available: the most popular in cities rooftop, and less used ground and poles, which are set in concrete. There is also a great amount of additional equipment that is being used with the panels. But it depends on the certain type of the panel.

There is also a DC disconnect, which is used when safe disconnect of the flow of electricity from the PV panels is needed. It may happened in case of overload.

Such detail as inverter makes the raw DC power, which is produced by the solar panels, be converted to usable AC ( that means alternating current) power that may than be used in exploitation of the household equipment, lighting and other electric devices. That is because all of them run off alternating current electricity.

Such device as the AC Breaker Panel/Inverter AC Disconnect is located in the place where the dwelling wiring touches the power supply. It consists of special elements that can be used both for protecting from fires and for usual purposes.

Speaking briefly, all three types of panels are working similar. It is important to know some things when you decide to by the PV panels. You must buy the right panel depending on how much power your home needs, how much room and land you have to understand where it can be mounted.

You also can find that some manufacturers and sites saying that panel A is much more better because it is more effective at low light. It may be true, but listen: one panel may be more effective than the other under the same sun light with the difference of 1 percent. But in the same time this more efficient panel may take 15 percent more room space. So take it into consideration. If you have enough space you may take it, but in another case think before you buy the panel.

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