Solar Gadgets and Gizmos

There are thousands of different solar powered gadgets available from solar mailboxes to solar watches and more. Solar powered gadgets are getting cheaper as the solar panel technology improves and gets less expensive to manufacture.

Heres a few of the innovative solar gadgets available on the market today and some examples of specific solar powered products to consider.

What about gadgets with built-in batteries? When it comes to charging your phone or iPod, the sun has been left you cold.

One innovative product, HYmini, is a universal power charger that uses wind and solar energy to top up most gadgets, and it comes with mini solar panels and extra batteries. Twenty minutes of wind power will provide 30 minutes of iPod time.

Solar Flashlights -
Hand-held solar flashlights operate for nearly three hours when fully charged, and can be mounted on a bicycle for nighttime rides. Some of the features for this cool gadget are AM FM reception — AM range: 525-1650 KHz, FM range: 88-108 MHz; Built-in dynamo generator with manual winding lever, Built-in flashlight (with clear, amber and red lenses); Hi-fi speaker and 3.5mm earphone jack.

A solar powered flashlight that can also charge your cell phone, MP3 player, or PDA is on useful and versatile solar powered gadget. The ultra-bright LED flashlight (65,000MCD) uses mono-crystalline silicon solar panels for power generation and recharging the built-in 700mAh/3.6v NI-MH battery.

Solar Tents -
Yes, it is a tent that comes with it's own solar panel and integrated, interior LED lights. You can also use the solar panels independently to charge batteries. It's approximately 4-6 hours of direct light to yield 2-4 hours tent light. The 7" (18 cm) solar panel is placed on the top of the tent's hub and clicked into place. The fly is then placed on top of solar panel & tent, and sun will charge the panel through the clear PVC window at the top of the fly. The tent comes in as 4-person and a 6-person versions.

Solar Lighters -
This great solar fire starter is perfect for backpacking, boating, hiking and as a solar survival tool.

Solar Tombstones -
Vidstone developed the solar powered Serenity Panel, 'Utilizing ground-breaking solar-powered technology, this weather-proof LCD panel provides families and friends with a timeless way to commemorate a life that’s passed at one’s final resting place." It adds about two grand to the price of a conventional tombstone and has a waterproof 7" screen. Four hours of sunlight will play a ten minute video six times. Michael at Groovy Green notes that 'There’s even a head-phone jack to limit your groove from beyond the grave to inquiring ears only."

Solar Lighted Mailboxes -
Solar panels gathers the sun's energy and charge the battery pack. At night, address panels automatically light up at dusk and go off at dawn.

Solar Powered Headset -
A solar-powered headset is a solar gadget perfectly suited for the environmentally-conscious outdoorsman who loves music. This headset is great for daytime jogging, or working in the yard.

Solar Radio -
You will be able to listen your favorite radio shows and if you need to see better in the dark the flashlight is included.

Solar Watches –
Swiss-made LeJour solar watches ($99.95), which run on either sunlight or ambient lighting, work for a month in total darkness.

Solar Backpacks and Bags -
Solar bags are some of the coolest green products out there, and they make a great gift, too! Compare and choose which one best meets your needs and your taste. The name says it all, the Voltaic Backpack Solar Powered Backpack is a daypack that host several small solar panels on the back of the bag.

The idea is that the Voltaic Backpack Solar Powered Backpack can charge your small electronics such as MP3 players, cameras, etc as you travel. You can also switch the sun jar completely off to save power. Keeping the lantern in bright sunlight for 8 hours you will supply it with power for 3 hours. If you need it fully charged then you should keep it in the sunlight for 30 hours.

Solar Power Chargers and Battery Packs -
Solar battery chargers bring a pair of nickel-cadmium batteries to life in less than seven hours. It's not clear how long the panels need to soak in the sun's rays, but Velleman claims this power brick's good enough to charge laptops, electric hand tools, GPS systems and--we kid you not--caravans, yachts, and DC refrigerators.

The Solio will charge from 4 volt to 12 volt devices by doubling or tripling the power output using the adapters. There are four contacts in the adapter tip system cable and to get up to the higher 12 volts it just uses three of these outputs at 3.6 volts to get the 10.8 volts for these higher voltage charges.

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