Solar Panel Technology Inspires Landscapers

Old fashioned solar panel technology looked cumbersome and rather clunky on a rooftop. Even the more modern, sleeker looking panels still at times make a home look a bit odd. Leave it to indomitable gardeners to come up with unique ways of incorporating solar panel technology into their natural canvasses.

Greatly assisted in this innovation by the technological advances that make it unnecessary to shackle cords and plugs to the average solar panel, technology now makes it possible to even capitalize on out of the way corners or a sunny yard. Other locales for the new technology that now harnesses the power of the sun on a smaller scale are pool sides that face away from the home and even birdhouses.

Sure, the use of the smaller solar panel technology may not any time soon help to power the inside of a home with all the gadgetry which makes life comfortable, but it does enable homeowners to at least power their exterior applications with the help of the sun?s power.

This often refers to electrically powered lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and pool accessories. When these items go off the grid, it greatly decreases the amount of money needed to overall power a home. What is more, this form of solar panel technology can be installed discreetly in trees, in whimsical gardening figurines and on the roofs of sheds.

Why not take another look at the new and improved solar panel technology and see what you could do with a few strategically placed panels?

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