What Does It Mean When The Federal Government Goes Green

You have undoubtedly seen the headlines proclaiming the federal government goes green and encourages citizens to do the same. Have you ever wondered what it actually means when the federal government goes green?

?Perhaps the most readily seen impact of the government going green is the creation of green collar jobs. While before a small number of solar energy technician could handle the workload, suddenly there is a demand for more solar energy technicians, and as such new jobs are created in the field.

?As the demand for skilled and trained technicians increases, the need for training increases as well. Junior colleges are usually at the forefront of answering the call for training the workforce, and already there are programs that have sprung up in support of the new federal trend.

?As the federal government goes green, local governments are likely to follow suit. This greatly increases the creation of green collar jobs in the technology and installation fields, and it also generates jobs in the educational arena for the training of these workers.

As you can see, when the federal government goes green, it generates a lot of new jobs that thus far have not been in high demand. Moreover, the energy savings the many offices will realize tend to translate into bona fide national conservation efforts that also help ? in some cases ? already overloaded grits to not suffer from outages. Everyone wins when the feds go green, and for the average resident, business owner, or homeowner, it also stands to be a winning solution to their own energy needs and worries.

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