Bringing Solar Energy Science Projects into the Classroom

A science fair has always been a time to trot out the tried and true projects which served to get passing and even exceptional grades for generations before.

Of course, with the availability of solar energy science projects, there is now a new way of not only wowing the teacher and the other students, but actually incorporating some new kind of learning into the science or social studies classroom.

As a teacher, you may specify that this year’s science fair should focus on solar energy. Science projects associated with this kind of lesson plan may be found online and are part and parcel of a recycling and alternative energy curriculum.

For the ambitious instructor, this may also be an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast solar power with wind or water energy. Of course, if may take a bit of help to get the parents on board with this new way of doing science fairs as well.

Begin by sending home printed information on solar energy, science projects for various grade levels, and also materials lists. Remember that parents are very involved when it comes to science projects, but they may have never actually dealt with solar power before. In fact, for many parents this is actually their very first foray into solar energy as well!

From the classroom, solar energy science projects are a great way of introducing a larger circle of consumers to this clean way of generation electricity. Who knows, while the kids are learning about sun power, the parents might also pick up quite a bit of info and before long switch over to solar power in the home.

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